Reducing our Carbon Footprint with LNG Powered Vessels

As a leading provider of critical logistics and marine solutions, we are proud to have one of the youngest and most versatile fleets in the OSV industry, operating 400 vessels worldwide. Whilst ensuring our vessels meet the highest standards of safety and operational support, we are driven by our commitment to innovation and sustainability, and continually look for opportunities to adapt and improve our fleet. The MV ‘Hannah Kristina’, our combination cargo carrier ship based in Norway, is testament to this.

Making over 1000 port calls annually, the ‘Hannah Kristina’ is one of our most important vessels in the region. Fitted with 18 liquid tanks, four pneumatic operated dry powder tanks, a stern ramp and two 40 tonne cranes, the vessel regularly transports a variety of cargo between offshore bases in Norway, predominantly operating between Stavanger and Kristansund.

In cooperation with Halliburton and Base Marine Norway, the ‘Hannah Kristina’ has been extensively upgraded to reflect our position as industry leaders in both sustainability and technological innovation. The modification programme is part of our joint venture with Base Marine Norway, an organisation that we are proud to have worked closely with, since 2016.

Over a 10-week period at Fiskerstrand Yard and under the management of Mr Ola Doennem, CEO at Base Marine Norway, the Hannah Kristina was fitted with a Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) system, driving her main engine. The LNG system consists of an LNG tank, pipes, automation, and safety systems.

The project builds upon earlier modifications to the Hannah Kristina in 2017, when a dual fuel Wartsila engine was installed so the vessel could use both MGO and LNG as fuel.

The modifications will limit our impact on the surrounding environment by reducing emissions by around 1,700 tonnes of Co2 and 140 tonnes of NoX annually.

The shore power connections and battery installation that are already in operation, will further enhance reduction in pollution/ greenhouse gases.

At P&O Maritime Logistics we continue to look for opportunities to adapt and improve our vessels. We are committed to creating an environmentally friendly fleet that both limits our impact on the world around us, and embodies ours and that of our parent company, DP World’s, wider ‘Our World, Our Future’ sustainability strategy.

The modifications demonstrate what can be achieved by our people and the industry when we work collectively towards a greener, more sustainable future – and we are delighted to have worked closely with our partners, Halliburton and Base Marine Norway, to modify the MV ‘Hannah Kristina’.