From our ‘safety first’ focus to our underlying corporate values and environmental initiatives, we set high standards for ourselves and our partners across all areas of our business.

Safety First

We focus relentlessly on ensuring the safety of our operations, employees and contractors across our global organisation. Our unwavering commitment to safety supported through operational excellence has delivered over than 3 years of LTI-free operations.

Safety Management

Our CEO has overall responsibility for our safety performance and policies, whilst the Group Head of QHSSE has the responsibility and authority to monitor compliance and set objectives to ensure policies and procedures are adhered to.

Additionally, our fleet management teams continue to work beyond our robust Safety Management System (SMS). They focus on exceeding client expectations and industry standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, as well as those set by the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) and we ensure that all business locations are constantly monitored and verified against the POML SMS.

In September 2019, we received re-accreditation by ABS to the Quality Management Standard ISO 9001:2015, the Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001:2015 and the new Occupational Health and Safety Management Standard ISO 45001:2018, which demonstrate POML’s continued commitment to providing the highest levels of quality and services.

Safety Stewardship

P&O Maritime Logistics is an active member of the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA), an international trade association promoting safety within the offshore, marine and underwater engineering industries.

P&O Maritime Logistics is a member of ISWAN (International Seafarers’ Welfare Assistance Network). We are proud to support the excellent work they do in promoting seafarer welfare, and we are looking forward to collaborating with them on our crew well-being programme.

Life Saving Rules

As of July 2019, P&O Maritime Logistics has adopted the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers’ (IOGP) Life Saving Rules (LSR’s), replacing our previous set of Life Saving Rules. The alignment with IOGP LSR demonstrates our commitment to preventing injuries on our vessels and at our sites, and our commitment to fully aligning ourselves with industry & client best practices. A full training and communication plan will be rolled out in 5 languages to reach all of our employees and to ensure successful implementation of the LSR’s across our global organisation.


P&O Maritime Logistics takes great pride in being a responsible corporate citizen and positively influencing the communities in which we operate. We create shared values for communities in our host countries through employing locally, developing in-country supply-chains and supporting the long-term community development.


The long-term success and growth of P&O Maritime Logistics relies upon our continued ability to improve the quality of services and products we deliver, whilst fulfilling effective duties of care to operational safety, human health and environmental well-being. This includes our commitment to environmental performance and prevention of pollution, including targeting “Zero Spills” in all operations.


The P&O Code of Business Conduct (COBC) sets the standards and clarifies the procedures and rules for running our day-to-day operations. It provides practical guidance for dealing professionally with business partners, customers, employees and the communities in which we operate, and includes the promotion of personal integrity and respect for the environment. Understanding the COBC is a mandatory part of our employee induction process and is accessible to all employees on the intranet. Download POML Code of Business Conduct

To report a misconduct or a violation of the P&O Code of Business Conduct, please contact the Ethics Line as follows:

The Ethics Line is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You do not have to disclose your name.


Exposure to fraud risks and COBC violations is monitored through the Ethics Line, a phone line and electronic mailbox enabling anonymous reporting of violations of the COBC, whistle-blowing etc., supported by the HR Director and the Head of Legal.