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P&O Maritime Logistics owns and operates approximately 400 vessels worldwide, in one of the most modern and versatile fleets on the planet. From bulk carriers and tankers, to research vessels and module carriers, we use our fleet to offer a variety of Cargo Transport solutions to suit any energy customer’s need. We can help to transport just about anything, including:

  • Energy construction cargo
  • Renewables cargo such as wind turbine components
  • Out of gauge industrial project cargo
  • Raw building materials and minerals
  • Agricultural products
  • RoRo cargo

No matter the vessel ownership preferences, local regulatory requirements or risk management needs, our Cargo Transport fleet can adapt to suit any need. We work with different customer requirements to ensure the cargo we transport reaches its destination on time and within budget.


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    P&O Maritime Logistics has completed a three-year long project to support the development of the Tengiz field in Kazakhstan, one of the world’s six largest oil fields. The project saw the construction of 20 bespoke Multi Carrying Vessels (shallow draft deck carriers) which are now available to new customers.

    The MCVs were designed specifically to help our customer navigate the complex and often shallow route from the Baltic Sea and Black Sea, through the Russian inland waterways, to the Tengiz field in the Caspian Sea. Having spent the last three years delivering Super Out of Gauge module project cargo on this route, the MCVs have proved to be extremely well suited to river, river-sea and shortsea shipping.

    Our MCVs make up one of the youngest, most efficient, and environmentally friendly fleets in the breakbulk market, and are available for new projects in 2021 and beyond. The vessels will be a top pick for leading companies aiming to improve performance without impacting a project’s bottom line. Trading areas can include the Black Sea, Caspian Sea, Mediterranean Baltics, North Sea and RIWS, among others.

    Here you can view our vessel specifications & pocket plan.

    To know more about our MCVs, please click here