Off the coast of Gabon, P&O Maritime Logistics has been working with VAALCO in the Etame offshore oil field.

The Topaz Amani, one of our Platform Supply Vessels, was deployed to support the well maintenance of two platforms in the field, the ETAME and Ebouri platforms. VAALCO needed to replace multiple pumps, with P&O Maritime Logistics providing the PSV support vessel needed to make the work happen.

With production having begun in 2001, there are an estimated 23 million barrels of oil in the Etame field. Yet despite operating for over 20 years, this was VAALCO’s first time working with a PSV.

These vessels are specially designed to transport supplies and equipment to and from offshore installations, and PSVs can also be used to supply drilling equipment, drilling bulks, fluids and pipe. Whilst the pumps were being replaced, the Topaz Amani supported VAALCO with Brine, seawater and deck cargo services.

Captain Alan Orlandini used his long tenure as a skipper to ensure that the PSV was maneuvered into the positions required for VAALCO’s crane operators to install the new pumps. All mentioned pumps and equipment were transferred from the Topaz Amani to the platforms and backloaded.

To ensure that the Etame field continued to meet its 21,350bopd average daily production, the combined teams both followed industry best practices to ensure that the pumps were replaced before the well failed. As a result, production was able to continue throughout the operation.

The replacement ensures that VAALCO is protected from long periods of well downtime, and in the long term will help to incrementally increase production and generate stronger cash flow.

Beyond the technical requirements of the project, the P&O Maritime Logistics and VAALCO teams formed close relationships throughout the seven-week partnership.

The VAALCO crew lived on board the Topaz Amani, and the teams shared hot breakfasts onboard every day. After the well workover was complete, both teams united for a joint BBQ to celebrate a project well done.

The Completion Superintendent from VAALCO said:

“I was impressed with the vessel’s maneuverability when it came alongside the platform, making life very easy for our crane operators coming in port, starboard, aft, whatever we needed you were able to accommodate, thank you for that.

“Pass on my thanks to your crew everyone played their part in making our life comfortable while onboard the Amani, the cooks, laundry man, deck crew, you have a very good team on your vessel.”

At P&O Maritime Logistics, we have long shared aims with our customers, and their success is our success too. Through offering the best quality training to our crew and having industry-leading protocols and vessel management systems, we aim to ensure that all our customer projects are completed quickly and to the highest standard possible.

The work at Etame exemplifies the importance of having a skilled and trusted partner, and P&O Maritime Logistics always prioritizes operational excellence that is balanced with budgetary and time efficiency.