P&O Maritime’s Sustainability Efforts

31 May 2016

Dear All,

On Thursday 19th May, 2016, P&O Maritime hosted ten high school students as part of the Give and Gain community activities and the Room to Read campaign. The company organised a safety induction followed by a tour around Jebel Ali port on board of its FastCat, P&O Barq. The students shadowed P&O Maritime HSEQ and Operations team members to understand the working environment and the different types of job opportunities they have to look forward to in the future.

This activity allowed us to coach and mentor the younger generation and encourage them to develop within the maritime field, potentially becoming the next role models in the future.

Room to Read, is a non-profit organisation with a goal to improve literacy and gender equality in education.  The organisation focuses on working in collaboration with local communities, partner organisations and governments.

I’d specially like to thank Capt. Najeeb Ali and Capt. Michael Breen for making the day a success!

Please continue to support sustainability activities as they have a great impact on our external communities and for us as well in the long term.