NIGERIA – Diversity

P&O Maritime Logistics has a longstanding relationship with ExxonMobil in Nigeria, providing the oil giant with logistical support across several operations. Today, POML is responsible for transporting tools and equipment from the storage centre at Port Harcourt to the fields. This can range from pipes and liquids to drill bits to safety equipment.

As such, POML plays a key role in supporting ExxonMobil’s contribution to the Nigerian economy.

Operating in Nigeria can be challenging due to high temperatures, humidity, and two rainy seasons in the Southern part of the country where the majority of the oil and gas operations are located. The average annual rainfall in this region is very high, often over 4,000mm in the Niger Delta which is twice the average for tropical rainforest climates globally. In addition, infrastructure (access to power, roads etc) can be challenging in some areas.

We have been operating in Nigeria for six years and our crew is more than 80% Nigerian nationals, which enables us to work effectively to overcome operational challenges. By recruiting local employees and working with local suppliers, we have not only enhanced our effectiveness but have also positioned POML as a preferred business partner in Nigeria.