On the Okume Complex offshore Equatorial Guinea, P&O Maritime Logistics has been supporting operator Trident Energy, and its partners Kosmos Energy, Panoro Energy, GEPetrol and GE Offshore Maritime Services, with offshore services during a well infill programme.

P&O Maritime Logistics has been a long-term partner at Okume, providing a wide range of services from support for drilling and construction of the infill wells, all the way through to cargo operations and passenger transfers.

Production on the field has been in operation since 2001, and recently the partners completed the first of three planned infill wells at the Okume Complex – building out near-field short-cycle tiebacks that leverage existing infrastructure.

Short-cycle tiebacks provide faster project turnaround, boosting production and helping the field operator to access nearby oil reserves by leveraging existing subsea and topside infrastructure which keeps time and cost expenditure low. Therefore, with the aim of low cash expenditure and quick turnaround time, working quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality or rigour is essential.

The vessel supporting operations, the Topaz Xara, is a Platform Supply Vessel (PSV), specially designed to support a range of offshore assets and equipment within the life of the field and to support inspection, maintenance, repair, survey, diving and subsea and topside construction activities.

During the period of support, the Topaz Xara was able to ensure that the drilling campaign, as well as overall operations, ran without delays and the project has been successfully executed as per the initial schedule without incidents. Additionally, it helped to boost operational efficiency, thus reducing costs, by contributing professional approach to the operations within the given scope.

As a result of the work, production on the Okume Complex continued smoothly and in line with the work plan – ensuring that cash flow and capital expenditure for the operator was in line with project forecasts. It came down to the Topaz Xara team’s commitment to meeting customer needs and anticipating their next moves – a key part of the P&O Maritime Logistics philosophy.

Following the conclusion of the contract, Trident and its partners were very happy with the support that the Topaz Xara, skippered by Captain Arthur Kazaryan, provided that the Trident team even gifted Capt. Kazaryan with a new iPad.

Head of Commercial and Operations at GE Offshore Marine Services said: “I want to give my thanks to the Topaz Xara and her crew – we received such dependable and friendly service during our time onboard.”

“In terms of the work, we were able to keep everything running on time and to schedule, which really helped us with keeping the project on track and delivering for our business. Thank you to the team for their work!”

At P&O Maritime Logistics, our philosophy is to truly become partners with our customers, and we always prioritise customer service because we understand how important this is to continuing and growing our strong partnerships.

Our work in the Okume field demonstrates that by maintaining our focus on maximising operational efficiency while maintaining high-quality standards, we are helping to deliver on our customer’s business aims and objectives.

With another successful project with Trident Energy and its partners completed, we look forward to continuing our work in Equatorial Guinea.