Doha Marine Services Set to Reinvent Offshore Logistics with ‘Supply on Demand’ Solution

07 December 2020

Doha, Qatar, 07 December 2020: Doha Marine Services (DMS), a leading offshore support vessel company, is set to launch a new service which allows customers to buy offshore solutions on a ‘Supply on Demand’ basis.

“Supply on Demand” by DMS will provide marine solutions on a pay-as-you-go basis, avoiding the need for customers to enter into restrictive contracts with their offshore service providers.

The new tool will allow customers to be in full control of their cargo movement, from the point of booking through to post-transit analysis. Customers will be provided with a dashboard, allowing them to create bookings, track cargo and monitor or adapt routes to reduce costs.

 Fundamentally, customers will only be charged for the cargo they transport.

Speaking on the announcement, Gerben Nijboer, General Manager, DMS said:

Our industry’s historical vessel pricing model and market demand do not match in 2020. DMS has recognised a gap in the market for the more tailored service that “Supply on Demand” provides, allowing operators to pay for only what they need.

 Sustainable costs savings and efficiency gains can be achieved for our customers by better utilisation of vessel space, improved route planning and reduced fuel consumption. Our new model allows for optimization of these variables in real-time.

 DMS is continuously working towards transforming the offshore industry’s business model from that of a vessel owner to a value-added service provider. Transformative solutions like “Supply on Demand” are the one way that the offshore sector can improve. With digital solutions at the heart of this transformation, such solutions must be adopted by the industry at large.”

“Supply on Demand”’s pilot will begin in Qatar in January 2021, with vessels moving cargo to the North and East fields. The number of vessels included in the new offering will increase along with demand for the service as customers’ operational needs require. Vessels will meet the clients’ marine assurance requirements and only vessels approved by our customers will be applied in the service offering.


About Doha Marine Services:

 Doha Marine Services is a leading offshore support vessel company with access to a modern and versatile vessel fleet. Founded in Qatar in 1990, the company provides critical logistics support and marine solutions to the Qatar energy industry.

Doha Marine Services’ work is focused on strong, trusted relationships with local energy sector clients. These are built on a proven foundation of excellent operational and HSSEQ performance.