In 2017, P&O Maritime Logistics took delivery the first of its 20 Module Carrying Vessels (“MCV”), a unique class of vessel created by POML to meet the specific challenges of delivering oil production equipment through the Russian Inland Waterway System (RIWS) on behalf of its client, Tengizchevroil (TCO).

TCO is producing oil from Kazakhstan’s Tengiz field, one of the world’s six largest oil fields, and is currently enhancing the production capacity as part of its “Future Growth Project”.

The construction of the new production facility is primarily being done in Asia as modules, which are then transported to the site in Northern Kazakhstan for assembly.

We took on the challenge of ensuring the transportation of these modules safely and on schedule through the Russian Inland Waterway System (RIWS), which is known for its series of narrow rivers, and so a conventional tug and barge approach was not the optimal solution – neither from a safety or operational reliability point of view.

Each MCV can carry up to 1,800 tons of cargo, the equivalent of five Airbus A380s, in about 3 metres of water. Typically, this kind of load would require six to seven metres of depth. We designed the MCV fleet to meet the shallow and narrow waterways of the Russian Waterway System. With the MCVs in operation, we are already delivering equipment 40% faster than a conventional tug and barge operation through the RIWS.

Vessels of this scale take approximately 2-2.5 years to build. However, using three different shipyards – two in Romania, and one in Vietnam – we built a fleet of 20 vessels in 16 months. All vessels were delivered to the client during 2017-2018.

The Tengiz project is significant for POML as it demonstrates the company’s ability to re-shape and push the boundaries of energy logistics using innovation in a volatile global energy market.

By understanding changing customer needs and by applying a craftsman-like approach, POML, with its innovative spirit and maritime expertise, is able to propose and implement solutions that challenge conventional thinking and methods, demonstrating operational excellence.

We are committed to following a solution-driven approach to client requirements, which is often the least obvious answer and one that challenges the status-quo. The Tengiz project marks a new direction for the business, as we continue to push boundaries and empower employees to better service clients in an ever-changing environment.