MOZAMBIQUE – Women’s Empowerment

In 2020, P&O Maritime Logistics appointed Mozambique’s first female ship pilot and female boat skipper.

In what is traditionally known as a male-dominated industry, women represent a highly talented and skilled proportion of the workforce that is not being fully utilised by the maritime sector. POML is committed to providing vocational training for women to increase female representation and bring much-needed skills into the workforce.

Ana Maria Job Goetsa and Edna Luisa Nhapulo both joined the POML cadetship scheme in August 2018. After two years of hard work, international training, and sea-faring apprenticeships, they are now trailblazing for a new generation of highly skilled young professionals that are expected to rise through the ranks in the Port of Maputo.

Over the last two years, Ana’s training has taken her far and wide, from Australia to China, Guinea to India. She completed 12 months at sea on a foreign-going vessel. Before and after her sea-going experience, Ana was in the United Arab Emirates, initially for cadet training at POML’s Centre of Excellence in Jebel Ali, thereafter for valuable specific pilot training. Ana is now a ship pilot in the Port of Maputo and the first woman in the country to take on the role.

Edna Luisa Nhapulo joined the cadetship scheme at the same time as Ana but her career has taken a slightly different route. She spent time training in the Port of Maputo, learning to manoeuvre boats with ease. Management was impressed by her confidence, so it was no surprise when she passed the examination with the Maritime Administration and qualified as a boat skipper. Edna is now planning to complete further sea time in deep-sea vessels so that she may obtain her certification as an Officer in Charge of Navigation Watch.

The cadet programme has been a strong success for POML in Maputo. Established in 2016, the scheme has enabled a wealth of local talent to receive valuable training and skills. These opportunities are now leading to management positions and roles in the wider maritime profession.