DP World Berbera Port Goes from Strength to Strength with the Help of P&O Maritime Logistics

A new state-of-the-art tugboat is just the latest exciting development in DP World Berbera, facilitated by P&O Maritime Logistics.

The M Jeex arrived at the Port of Berbera on 10th September 2020, symbolising yet another milestone in the development and expansion of the port.

DP World won a 30-year concession for the Berbera port project in 2016. Berbera is a natural deep-water port that acts as a gateway to Somaliland and East African trade. From the onset, P&O Maritime Logistics was brought in to provide unique expertise in port marine assets acquisition and management to develop the strategic regional trading hub.

It started with a thorough onsite marine services review, conducted by P&OML in May 2017. This review included fleet expansion and renewal.

Another priority managed by P&OML was the development of a local skill base – an initiative that sought to invest in and create opportunities for Somaliland’s seafarer community.

The first training programme began after the arrival of the first twin propulsion tug Egal, a purchase supported by P&OML through technical preparation and mobilisation. With the new arrival in place, the P&OML tug crew engaged in a 15-month long programme to develop the local crew, employed by the Somaliland Port Authority (SPA). All 11 SPA crew successfully completed their training.

The construction of a new pilot boat was formally agreed in January 2019 – the Sanaag. On completion, the sea trials were verified by P&OML management and the vessel was finally put into service in Berbera in August 2020, following Covid-related delays. Once again, a specialist training programme was launched by P&OML to prepare local crews to operate and maintain the pilot boat. Six SPA crew will spend 12 months in extensive training.

Egal’s proven performance led to the purchase of her sister vessel, the M JEEX. Both vessels have capacity for approximately 45 tonnes bollard pull with a speed of 12 knots. The hull length of 25m provides a spacious and safe working environment for the crews onboard.

These ongoing strides and achievements are a testament to the strong working partnership between DP World Berbera and P&O Maritime Logistics. We look forward to continuing these endeavours and remain committed to the hard-working and diligent team in Somaliland.