Message from P&O Maritime MD - September 2015

Published: 13 September 2015 @ 09:03


We can be proud of our 2015 interim results ‎and I want to thank you all for the part you have played in this success. Each one of us has an important role and without us working as a team – with passion and commitment – P&O Maritime wouldn’t be in strong growing path that it is today.

This strategy remains focused on Port Marine Services, Oil & Gas Marine Services, Specialized Cargo and Government Services, and so far this year we have invested approximately $ 35  million by adding  4 new vessels to our portfolio and extending life span for +5 years to our flag vessel ‘ Aurora Australis”. Our projects in Sokhna (Egypt) and Malabo (Equatorial Guinea) are now operational, while two new Fast Supply Vessels (FSV) due to be delivered to Malabo by December 2015. 

Also this year P&O Maritime Board and the Shareholders gave us the mandate to pursue three customized/unique long term projects to be kept confidential at this time.  The projects in question are in line with the diversification strategy which have potential to move the company to next level.

Our objective is to grow in niche markets providing  highly tailored marine solutions to customers on an exclusive basis which included unique assets and highly skilled crew in customized application.  We remain on course to deliver this while maintaining existing business which has to meet or exceed set financial hurdles.

To achieve the set objectives, we will require constant hard work and creativity, and I am confident that you can provide this for our company. P&O Maritime has rich history and we have come a long way together and I see the journey continuing far into the future.

In relation to our industry, the near-term outlook remains challenging  but I believe our business is well positioned to continue to outperform the market. Our first half performance underpins our confidence in meeting full year Budgeted target.

As I  begin these messages to you with a word of thanks, I also close it on the subject of safety. Though we did not have a fatality,  I need to highlight that one of our employees suffered serious injury in addition to  a man over board who was rescued after almost 3 hours. I call upon all of us to do more to improve and to ensure the safety of everyone working in P&O Maritime workplace.

Once again I thank you for your hard work, your professionalism and for being such an important part of our P&O Maritime family.

Rado Antolovic

Managing Director

P&O Maritime

P&O Maritime customer portfolio